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Vehicle / Control Unit Programming / Clárú Aonad Feithicle / Rialaithe


In many of today’s vehicles they can have up to 30 different control units or ECUs fitted for all different systems on the vehicle, e.g. Engine ECU, ABS, Airbag, Body Electrics, etc.

And with so many different control modules fitted it leaves the possibility of failure of any of these control units highly possible as the vehicles become a few years old.

After replacing any of these control  units, they have to be programmed in to match up to the vehicle and be configured to correspond with the rest of the control units in the vehicle and the spec of the vehicle. Most vehicles will not even start without having the procedure done.


Here at EC Auto Diagnostics, we specialise in using the highest level of equipment to carryout these many procedures on almost every make and model of vehicle.

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